Sustainable Development of the Energy Sector in Mexico

Mazars sponsors energy event along with Business France, the French Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Ideal, a social responsibility consulting firm.

Mazars was a proud sponsor of the event "Towards a Sustainable Development of the energy sector in Mexico" which had the objective to gather some of the main players of the energy industry, as well as some of the main authorities of the public sector responsible for its development. 

After the Reform, it is important to take a pause and think about the first results of this tremendous change, as well as think and propose ways to obtain a sustainable development of the energetic scene. 

Some of the main topics discussed by top speakers were oil & gas exploration in Mexico after the Energetic Reform, the main social and environmental challenges companies might face when coming to Mexico to exploit this sector, how to participate on electric tenders, and how the European Union supports cooperation between Mexican and European compaies in order to develop the Renewable Energy sector. 

If you wish to see the photos of the event, click here. 

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