The first ten years of Mazars in Mexico

Mazars celebrates 10 years in Mexico and our Managing Partner shares with us some thoughts on the past, present and future of our organization in the country.

The first ten years of Mazars in Mexico: The vortex of time (1 of 3)

10 años de Mazars en México
As my time progresses, I see it coming and passing, every time faster for me as well as for others. It is not surprising, but does draw my attention that the same happens to people who are in their thirties and even some who are still in their twenties. It is not an issue of age: the speed of our evolution, the technological advances, the instantaneousness through which we can access information and discard it, the stress of arriving..., the pressure to achieve... the distances we travel. All of this coincides in imprinting a speed on our lives that, being very honest, I believe we do have to learn to live, but we also have to learn to control. We cannot miss the opportunity to savor our own lives, made out of moments.

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