Licensing Assurance and Mazars sign alliance

Licensing Assurance, one of the main providers of software asset management with extensive experience throughout the Americas, and Mazars, an important consulting, audit, accounting & outsourcing, tax and financial advisory company in Mexico, have signed an important strategic alliance for commercial agreement to expand operations in Mexico. The two companies committed to work together to offer value to customers through the implementation of software management solutions, protection against software audits and licensing optimization through tools that ensure proper Software Asset Management (SAM).

In response to the strong demand for solutions to optimize and control licensing and the need for personalized advice, Licensing Assurance and Mazars will offer a comprehensive portfolio designed for the Mexican market. Through the joint work of Mazars and Licensing Assurance, they will put into operation an Integrated Solutions business unit and bring this closer to Mexican businesses, which will allow offering Industrial presence, processes and methodologies, technological tools and expert advice. The proposal will aim to offer customized, comprehensive and innovative solutions for the control and optimization of software assets, designed to meet market challenges.

According to Gartner, SAM's demands are evolving as platforms and environments continue to change. The ongoing evolution from native only, native plus virtual, native plus virtual plus mobile, and now native plus virtual plus mobile plus cloud environments - has a significant impact on the SAM function and the resources required. Addressing complexity, costs and risks in multiple environments requires a highly capable SAM function.

Organizations that lack the necessary skills and resources are increasingly looking for experienced SAM service providers to transform and deliver a continuous managed service. This happens after having made valiant attempts to address SAM practices internally, such as implementing tools and assigning tasks. However, the degree of complexity, the scope of the data and the magnitude of the tasks exceed their internal capabilities and expectations.

After assuming the challenge, the trend is moving towards the search for a service provider capable of offering an improvement in SAM maturity, maintaining optimization and offering a solid and continuous government. This is where the alliance makes sense, as it provides solutions that meet the needs and challenges that Mexican entrepreneurs face.

"We are pleased that Mazars current and potential clients will have access to high-return investment software asset management solutions like the ones we have," said David Gonzalez, in charge of business in Mexico for Licensing Assurance. "Our company will be able to offer to the Know-How alliance in SAM (Software Asset Management), experience, Industrial presence, processes, methodologies and technological tools developed by LA so that Mexico can count on two renowned companies with consulting and management capabilities that can offer a comprehensive solution”.

Likewise, Enrique Romero, Consulting Partner of Mazars, highlighted "Mazars wants its clients to have a true business partner to turn to in case of any need, one that offers them a broad and innovative vision of the issue they may have. In that sense, we want to provide our clients an integral service, under the methodology of ITAM, ISO and Gartner, to offer a consulting solution, complemented with the important technological tools that currently exist, with the clear benefit of optimizing costs and processes of operation to clients. "

Enrique also emphasizes that "The Mexican market will have an integrated solution, with Licensing Assurance and Mazars, two strong partners that come together to offer a consulting, audit and advisory approach completely independent of any software house, which will allow you to manage your software assets and plan your licensing growth or decrease."

As part of this agreement, the solutions will be based in offering: 

  • SAM tools for SW licensing administration
  • SAM tool for the management of SW contracts
  • SAM baseline review
  • Software licensing optimization
  • Defense of SAM audits
  • And many more.

About Licensing Assurance

Licensing Assurance es una empresa fundada en 2014 bajo la creencia de que el objetivo principal de Software Asset Management (Por sus siglas en ingles SAM) es controlar el gasto de software de las organizaciones.

Para Licensing Assurance, la administración de los activos de software debe llevarse a cabo libre de conflictos de intereses y de manera independiente, es por ello, que nace SAM as a Service, servicio diseñado que incluye herramientas, procesos y metodologías para permitir a las organizaciones administrar y controlar sus gastos de software de forma efectiva.

Con presencia en toda América, más de 100 clientes con más de 1B de activos de software administrados ha diseñado sus propias herramientas, procesos y metodología para permitir a los clientes administrar y controlar sus gastos de software de forma efectiva.

About Mazars

Mazars is an international, integrated and independent firm, specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services. As of 1 January 2019, Mazars and its correspondents operate throughout 104 countries and territories, of which 89 are part of Mazars’ international integrated partnership and 15 are Mazars correspondent firms and representative offices. The Praxity Alliance offers Mazars operating capacity via professional teams in 18 additional countries.

Mazars draws upon the expertise of 23,000 professionals and 1,040 partners, working from 310 offices worldwide, to assist major international groups, SMEs, private investors and public bodies at every stage in their development.

In Mexico, Mazars counts on 360 professionals, leaded by 24 partners in 9 offices.

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