The books edited by Mazars always look to transmit the values that distinguish us from the rest, also they seek to strengthen the Mazars spirit, Mazars DNA.

Release of the book "A women’s world, a better world?”, 103 women interviewed by Muriel de Saint Sauveur for Mazars

Mazars Corporate publications
As part of its Diversity and Parity strategy, Mazars has undertaken the publication of the book entitled “A women’s world, a better world?”, by Archipel publishers.

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Corporate Accountability and Trust - Thoughts from 12 top managers

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This book is a collection of accounts from 12 top managers who share with us their views on corporate responsibility. These individuals also explain how the emergence of this concept on the economic scene has changed - or hasn't.

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The Mazars book - "Roots to our future"

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Dive into the history of Mazars. Such a book may appear surprising for an organisation which after all is not so old.

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