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You will find here Mazars surveys and studies, which will give you an insight on the main issues that businesses face today.

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As the role of reinsurance is continuously expanding, Mazars has analysed the latest financial disclosures of the top 10 reinsurers worldwide providing a comparative view for a better understanding of their risk profile and strategy.

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Mazars publishes study about global levels of familiarity, investment and implementation surrounding five transformative workplace technologies

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The future of telcos: winning the client experience battle

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Mazars launches global study, The Future of Telcos: winning the client experience battle, the case of mobile financial services

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Technology and Sustainability: Five innovations defining the future

TL_Sustainability and Regulation_Mazars 1086x202
As the call for increased transparency and accountability from companies on their environmental, social and governance efforts continues, companies spend signficant time and effort in identifying how to consistently capture meaningful and reliable non-financial data to share with their stakeholders. Digital solutions could offer them support in this challenge.

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Sustainability: Technology enabled

Article 2 - Technology + Sustainability - 1086x202
The Economist Intelligence Unit wrote a set of articles sponsored by Mazars focusing on the role of regulation and technology in relation to sustainability. In this article, the rapid expansion of technologies around sustainability practice and reporting – from ESG-themed data mining to blockchain voting – is explored.

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Regulation and Sustainability: Five questions, answered

TL_Sustainability and Regulation_Mazars 1086x202
Regulation can be a powerful force in driving sustainable practices amongst businesses – from corporate reporting to mandatory action. But what are the right metrics for sustainability and who should be responsible for tracking them? The response to these questions may be different based on geography, sector and market segment.

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Sustainability: Moving the conversation forward

Article 1 EIU Regulation + Sustainability 1086x202
Shedding a light on a topic of deep interest to Mazars, we commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to examine the relationship between regulation and sustainability. In this article, the way in which sustainability can be both measured and encouraged via regulation is researched, as well as the differences between countries and regions in adopting sustainable practices.

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Discover our 2018 Ecommerce Reports

Global ecommerce 2018 1086x202
Business solutions in the face of new challenges brought on by ecommerce. Explore themes such as ethics & compliance, digitization & technology, and logistics & footprint on our new ecommerce microsite.

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2018 Mazars Global Automotive Study

Automotive Study_1086x202
Mazars automotive expert community, together with the industry experts from IHS, are pleased to present the 2018 global study on sustainable mobility.

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