Mazars recognizes the large importance of providing the highest quality of independent audit for both clients and the market. This independence serves as a guarantee for the consistency and reliability of Mazars' corporate financial and accounting information.

The need for accurate and reliable financial information has given the audit an increasingly important role in corporate dealings. Our goal in Mazars is to ensure that our clients have a clear view of their corporate strategies, business process and financial reporting. To this end, we offer a wide variety of audit and risk management services.

At Mazars, we assist clients to manage their financial and operating risks and assure that the organization’s processes are as effective as they should be. We are here to assist and help you to make the most appropriate business decisions. Our audit practices acts as a member of our clients’ work teams, working to protect their stakeholders’ interests.
 We are expert auditors in the manufacturing and service industries, insurance and financial sector, as well as government entities and nongovernmental organizations. Specializing in a broad range of industries, Mazars has the skills needed to identify any situations that could affect the business’s productivity.

The objective of the Mazars audit approach is to ensure that our audit services adapt to clients’ specific needs.

The audit services offered by Mazars include:

  • Audit of financial statements.
  • Audit for tax purposes (tax audit).
  • Audit of corporate acquisitions (due diligence).
  • Consulting on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Mexican Financial Reporting Standards (FRS).
  • Attestation services (CONACYT, authorized by Ministry of Public Administration) and contract performance.
  • Examination and review of pro forma financial reporting.
  • Examination of internal control with respect to the preparation of financial information.
  • Audit of specific performance.
  • Audit of financial forecasts.
  • Opinions on internal control.
  • Preparation and review of financial statements.
  • Limited review.
  • Accounting diagnostic.
  • Special services (receivables review, physical inventory and valuation, and determination of cost of sales, among others).

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Audit Partners

Audit of Financial Statements

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Changes to financial regulations are ever more frequent, making audits a fundamental process to assure the accuracy of information and compliance with ethical standards.

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Audit for tax purposes (tax audit)

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Audit for tax purposes helps you be in line with authority requierements. Our experts at Mazars can advise you.

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Independent Verification of Social Responsibility Reports

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Our Independent Verification Service for Social Responsibility Reports assists companies that seek to strengthen the transparency and credibility of their economic, environmental, and social commitments. Mazars helps to make the report a strategic tool for boosting confidence among investors and interest groups, as well as promoting your company’s good reputation.

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