Audit of Financial Statements

Changes to financial regulations are ever more frequent, making audits a fundamental process to assure the accuracy of information and compliance with ethical standards.

At Mazars, we stress the transparency, sufficiency and relevance of the information shown on your financial statements, which is fundamental for the decision-making of your shareholders, directors and other stakeholders. We strive to apply state-of-the-art audit methodologies to ensure compliance with national and international quality standards.

The purpose of an audit of financial statements is to examine financial information and ensure its reliability. At Mazars we take this role a step further—our audit practice also analyzes the information in depth to ensure the reasonability of financial reporting and to assess the results achieved, enabling us to recommend measures to improve the productivity, liquidity and solidity of your organization.

Mazars endeavors to ensure that the partner in charge of the audit is directly and extensively involved in the audits, with the support of properly trained executives and staff. We also have a broad network of specialists to assist in matters requiring a multidisciplinary approach. The audit partner-in-charge is responsible for maintaining close communication with clients, offering timely comments and suggestions.

We assure compliance with the increasingly complex professional requirements with a strict quality control system, ensuring a high standard of ethics and independence.

In response to the market’s demand for specialty audit services in specific industries, we offer audits geared toward the telecommunications, food and beverage, insurance, construction, mining, media, aeronautics and maquiladora industries, as well as government institutions and subspecialties for specific lines of business or service sectors.

Mazars offers you:

  • A high level of audit specialization.
  • Industry-specific know-how, expertise and skill.
  • Timely recommendations to help your organization.
  • Constant communication and personal attention from the audit partner-in-charge.
  • Ability to handle complex matters with subject-matter specialists.
  • A quality control system with a preventive, proactive approach.
  • Analysis of the most complex accounting processes in your company’s economic context.
  • Ongoing communication between the client and Mazars. We want our clients to be fully informed in each stage of the project, to ask any questions or make any changes they deem appropriate.

Our audit group also has personnel skilled in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Mexican Financial Reporting Standards (FRS). We are listed by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) as a U.S. public company audit firm.

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