At Mazars we offer a full range of services that will give you a clear insight into your company strategy, business processes and financial reports.

We also give you all the necessary advise and support to manage your operational and financial processes and the risks involved.

Our team of highly trained professionals deliver a range of specialist services that can be adapted to the size and type of your organisation

Governance, Risk & Internal Control (GRIC)

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Do you want to improve your company’s efficiency and performance? At Mazars, our professional teams can help you improve your business processes.

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Contractual Risk Management

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Our Operational Audit services provide the automotive sector with a constructive, objective, professional and systematic evaluation of the activities related to its management processes, promotes the effectiveness and efficiency of such processes, contribute to policies compliance and guarantees the execution of its objectives. Mazars becomes your strategic ally to consolidate the practice of operational auditing in your entity.

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Operational Strategy and Efficiency

Mazars observes and evaluates the performance of strategic, business, and support processes to ensure that they efficiently support the achievement of your company’s objectives. We do this through continual improvements to the activities performed by employees within the organizational structure and the improvement of services through systems, resulting in quantitative and qualitative benefits with the correct design or execution of their processes.

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Operations and Compliance Internal Audit

Corporate Transformation Program
Our Internal Audit service helps large and mid-size organizations that seek an independent and objective observer to monitor performance, providing reassurance to the Board of Directors, regulatory authorities, and other interested parties with regard to the proper management of the company. Mazars is a strategic ally for consolidating the practice of internal auditing in your organization.

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IT Consulting Services

Merely making an investment in IT is not sufficient to ensure an organization’s success. Technology must be employed in a way that will effectively contribute to achieving the organization’s goals. At Mazars, we understand your concerns, and our consulting services are therefore oriented towards promoting the proper performance of IT functions. When such performance is achieved, it provides the support necessary for the organization’s activities and thereby favors the attainment of specific objectives.

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Consulting for Technology-based GRC Solutions (SAP / ORACLE)

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Mazars provides implementation and initiation services for technology-based solutions that help to optimize risks and controls within your organization, managing roles and responsibilities with proper separation of functions and administration of your processes with a risk-based focus.

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IT Asset Management and Control (ITAM)

Mazars provides services of the highest quality. Learn how we can assist you with IT Asset Management and Control.

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Management and Control of IT Providers

Mazars provides services of the highest quality. Learn how we can assist you with Management and Control of IT Providers.

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Mazars provides services of the highest quality. Learn how we can assist you with one of the most complicated issues organizations face today: Cybersecurity.

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Business Resiliency

In the modern world, companies’ success depends to a large degree on ensuring the continuing operation of its business processes, services, technology, and infrastructure. Recent events in the business world have demonstrated that an unplanned interruption of operations of any kind can have grave consequences for brand value, reputation, revenues, and profits.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses a software platform which acts as a virtual employee to perform processes in the same way as a person does when interacting with computer applications, especially in repetitive tasks that vary very little in each iteration. The use of RPA is rapidly increasing as new tools emerge and employees are looking for jobs which are more strategic and meaningful. At Mazars, our experience with RPA means that we’ll get you up and running as quickly as possible, so that you can focus on your core role.

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Preparation and certification courses

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Our courses are focused on companies that want to train and encourage their personnel on their learning path and certification.

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Strategic Alliances

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Our top priority is our clients’ sustainable development and the achievement of their business objectives. To accomplish this, we count on first-class partners with whom we have strategic alliances in order to provide holistic solutions to our clients’ main concerns.

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