Business Resiliency

In the modern world, companies’ success depends to a large degree on ensuring the continuing operation of its business processes, services, technology, and infrastructure. Recent events in the business world have demonstrated that an unplanned interruption of operations of any kind can have grave consequences for brand value, reputation, revenues, and profits.

Main Challenges for Business Resiliency

Threats may transcend any geographic boundary, meaning that events apparently unrelated to the organization may affect its ability to respond to external ecological, economic, and social factors. 

Another important challenge to consider is that service providers could be points of weakness. It is therefore important to undertake an analysis in order to create a risk-reduction strategy. With a unified picture of risk exposure, it is possible to construct hypothetical scenarios involving possible interruptions of third-party services in order to prevent negative consequences for your organization’s key processes. 

Mazars offers the following Business Resiliency services:

  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
  • Business Continuity Management Planning (BCM)
  • Planning for response to security incidents
  • Crisis Management Planning (CMP)
  • Emergency Management

Mazars offers services to help you identify your company’s business resiliency requirements, as well as design, plan, implement, and monitor continuity and recovery plans for disasters. These services will also help guarantee your organization’s compliance with local and international security regulations.   

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