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Our Operational Audit services provide the automotive sector with a constructive, objective, professional and systematic evaluation of the activities related to its management processes, promotes the effectiveness and efficiency of such processes, contribute to policies compliance and guarantees the execution of its objectives. Mazars becomes your strategic ally to consolidate the practice of operational auditing in your entity.


Mazars know the main challenges facing the automotive sector so the purpose of our services is to help our customers optimize their levels of efficiency and effectiveness that allows them to be competitive, profitable and differentiate from their competition by their quality of processes and customer service with the integration of technological and human resources to optimize the processes of their company.


In order to meet these challenges, Mazars offers the following services:

  • Incentive audit: Validate that the incentives have been applied correctly, according to the guidelines of the commercial policies.
  • Sales report audit (retail and/or fleet): The sales integrity of new vehicles is verified by comparing the sales information provided by the distributor with what is reported in the sales system.
  • Commercial policy compliance: Commercial and compliance reviews, ensuring adherence to contractual agreements by all parties involved.
  • Mystery Shopper: Evaluate the established processes and guidelines, the quality of services provided, and/or adherence to commercial agreements, simulating being a customer.
  • Quality audit: Evaluate a company's standards and policies to build confidence about the effectiveness of its quality management systems and the ability to meet customer requirements.
  • Warranty audit: Evaluate the regulations of the implementation of warranties in the after-sales area and validate the efficiency in the correct coding of a warranty.
  • Auto parts audit: Verify that the sale of spare parts is carried out according to the authorized price list, seeking to mitigate the dumping of prices between dealers.
  • Inventory verificaction (vehicles and/or auto parts): A physical inventory is taken to verify, classify and obtain the status of total units, reporting any anomaly or finding in the process.


Derived from our experience and presence in the automotive sector, Mazars combines the integration of human and technological resources as well as a precise methodology that provides visibility and compliance with commercial policies, thus improving the relationship between Companies and their distribution network.

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