Mazars provides services of the highest quality. Learn how we can assist you with one of the most complicated issues organizations face today: Cybersecurity.

  • Implementation and compliance of ISMS, PCI DSS, SPID and SPEI
  • Cybersecurity, development and management strategy program.
  • Architecture and cybersecurity operations
  • Cyber risk assessments
  • Cyber control evaluations
  • Regulatory compliance of cybersecurity
  • Data privacy
  • Management of cyber threats and intelligence
  • Pentesting

Implementation and compliance for SGSI, PCI DSS, SPID y SPEI

CMG ran a series of heavily subscribed events on the New EU General Data Protection Regulations and after receiving very positive feedback following each event the main follow-up information delegates want is a step by step approach on how to implement the new data protection regulations into their organisations going forward, what challenges to expect and how to overcome them.
Organizations currently employ robust information systems and complex communication infrastructures. Having sufficient cybersecurity controls in place to protect them is crucial. It is therefore necessary to perform professional evaluations in order to guarantee the security, reliability, and efficiency of your organization’s continuing operations involving IT assets.

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Organizations need to understand their vulnerabilities and whether or not the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information on their clients and systems are protected. The current complicated technological environment has made this understanding indispensable, as new types of cyberattacks have appeared, and new challenges face companies in the effort to maintain the security of their information. Mazars can help your organization navigate these issues.

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