IT Asset Management and Control (ITAM)

Mazars provides services of the highest quality. Learn how we can assist you with IT Asset Management and Control.

  • SAMaaS / Licensing Assurance
  • Implementation of SAM / HAM Services
  • SAM - Cloud Assessment

SAMaaS / Licensing Assurance

Mazars provides licensing optimization services through tools that guarantee the proper management of software assets (SAM), offering a strategic advantage that ensures efficient management of your shipping providers, applications, and systems, including technology contracts and investments that facilitate delivery of software to your organization.

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Implementation of SAM / HAM service

The implementation of SAM/HAM service offers an integral evaluation of risks and processes focused on the management of software and hardware assets. Through this service, acquisition and cataloguing of software and hardware inventory is optimized though the development of financial strategies as well as the improvement of processes and procedures that transform the vision and scope of your technology assets throughout the organization.

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SAM Cloud Assessment

Currently the cloud presents several ways to implement technological solutions and choosing the one that best optimizes costs, take advantage of current software investments and minimize the risks for non-compliance in terms of software licensing is vital for companies. To fulfill with the above, companies must have a strategy that considers all factors of both, your current infrastructure, and the different options available in the cloud.

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