IT Consulting Services

Merely making an investment in IT is not sufficient to ensure an organization’s success. Technology must be employed in a way that will effectively contribute to achieving the organization’s goals. At Mazars, we understand your concerns, and our consulting services are therefore oriented towards promoting the proper performance of IT functions. When such performance is achieved, it provides the support necessary for the organization’s activities and thereby favors the attainment of specific objectives.

We offer the following lines of service to assist organizations in improving the performance of IT functions:

  • IT Auditing (General IT and System Controls)
  • Implementation of technology-based solutions of Entrepreneurial Architecture (EA), GRC, and ITPM
  • Specialized IT Services

IT Audit (General IT and System Controls)

Actualmente las tecnologías de la información (TIC'S) son un elemento fundamental para la ejecución de los procesos operativos de las organizaciones para que estas logren sus objetivos estratégicos y tengan una mejora continua. Por esta simple razón, es importante considerar auditar los controles internos y procesos relacionados con el uso de las TIC's.

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IT Internal Control

At Mazars, our goal is to help your organization obtain the maximum benefit from your IT resources. We offer services ranging from the definition of IT governance strategy and implementation of internal IT controls to the documentation and modeling of the IT architecture that your organization requires.

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Implementation of technology-based Entrepreneurial Architecture (EA) and GRC solutions

Our implementation of technology-based EA and GRC solutions helps large and mid-size companies to make the management of their processes and corporate governance more efficient. By obtaining a complete model of their organization’s operations, our clients can detect opportunities to improve productivity and delivery of services to their clients.

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Specialized IT Consulting Services

Companies may come to require support services for the management of specialized IT projects. Such services can be useful in order to accomplish strategic objectives such as continual improvement of business processes via the selection and implementation of entrepreneurial systems, or migration of key systems from one platform to another.

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