Operational Strategy and Efficiency

Mazars observes and evaluates the performance of strategic, business, and support processes to ensure that they efficiently support the achievement of your company’s objectives. We do this through continual improvements to the activities performed by employees within the organizational structure and the improvement of services through systems, resulting in quantitative and qualitative benefits with the correct design or execution of their processes.

We offer the following operational efficiency services:

  • Process management and improvement
  • Documentation of performance indicators and policies
  • Process reengineering
  • Strategic management
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Labor competency management

Process management and optimization

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Our consultants can guide you to the creation of a competitive advantage through the separation of strategic, core business, and support processes based on the Business Process Management (BPM) best practices, which aid in the description of all of the organization’s activities.

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Documentation of Policies and Key Performance Indicators

At Mazars, we can help you to view your company’s efficiency in a general panorama through the implementation of performance indicators at strategic points in your organization’s processes.

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Process Reengineering

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Our team of consultants can assist you with radical redesigns (reengineering) of your company’s processes in order to achieve marked improvements in performance, quality, service, operating speed, and reduction of costs.

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Strategic Management

Our strategic management service helps recently created companies, small and micro-enterprises, as well as large companies to define, implement, and ensure the proper functioning of the strategies required by organizations to maintain their continuity, growth, and sustainability, aligning all of their resources and infrastructure in order to achieve these goals.

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Customer Relations Management (CRM)

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Management of relationships with customers is vital, as it allows your company to integrate all of the functions and processes that comprise its interactions with customers. Likewise, with the support of a technology-based CRM solution, it is possible to attract, develop, and retain the most profitable clients, and maximize their loyalty in an organized and controlled fashion.

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Management by competencies

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An organization’s human resources are undoubtedly its greatest asset. In order to reduce turnover and maximize the creativity and innovative capability of your company’s personnel, Mazars can assist you in the creation of a model for management by competencies based on best practices and the economic sector in which your organization operates. In this way, Mazars helps you ensure the proper management of recruitment, training, evaluation, and compensation of your company’s personnel.

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