Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses a software platform which acts as a virtual employee to perform processes in the same way as a person does when interacting with computer applications, especially in repetitive tasks that vary very little in each iteration. The use of RPA is rapidly increasing as new tools emerge and employees are looking for jobs which are more strategic and meaningful. At Mazars, our experience with RPA means that we’ll get you up and running as quickly as possible, so that you can focus on your core role.


RPA is technology which performs processes quickly and accurately, saving time so that employees can return back to the core of their roles and perform real value added work.


  • Quick ROI – usually in less than a year
  • Improve productivity by allowing employees to focus on value-added activities
  • Robots can execute tasks 24x7 – 365 in a precise way
  • Standardize and optimize processes, improving quality and delivery cost
  • Decrease processing times and ensure deadlines will always be met
  • Improve quality by reducing human error
  • Seamless Deployment – robots are live in a couple of weeks
  • Full Audit trial of robot activity
  • Understand and clearly document processes and business logic


  • Generate reports and automatic responses
  • Automate processes with a high level of detail and / or administrative tasks
  • Log into systems and navigate to specific screens
  • Recieve emails and process attachments
  • Copy information from one system into another
  • Make calculations and inform users about outcome
  • Run based on a Schedule or be triggered by an event
  • Follow predefined decision logic

The RPA software is a flexible tool that adapts to any internal or external process and works by interacting and imitating the people who execute the tasks. Its main function is to automate processes based on specific business rules, designed to generate a concrete result with agility and precision.


  • Accounts payable: Invoices will be booked into the accounting software   and invoices matched with the right Purchase Order.
  •  Bank statements: Draft bookings will be created in accounting systems based on electronic bank statements.
  •  Change of Customer master data: Client data in multiple systems will be changed based on receiving an email or ticket.
  •  Know your client: A search of business partners on sanction lists as an input for the compliance specialist’s decision
  •  Reconciliations: Input data will be compared to information in the accounting software and highlight any issues.
  •  New joiner onboarding: New employees will be populated in the system based on excel input, all relevant IT tickets will be raised and access to systems will be granted automatically. 

Main Challenges

Just as industrial robots are transforming the manufacturing industry by creating higher production and quality rates, RPA automations are revolutionizing the way we think and manage business processes, IT support, workflows, remote infrastructure and "back-office“ tasks. In today’s scenario, of intense economic competition, organizations have to increase efforts in order to remain competitive. RPA provides dramatic improvements in the accuracy and execution time of various activities, as well as greater productivity in transactions processing, providing a competitive advantage to companies that have adopted this technology in their business model.


Mazars offers the following services in the field of RPA:

  • Proof of concept (POC)
  • Selection of RPA Platform
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Full scale implementation


Mazars has extensive experience in the process of rationalization, optimization and automation of key processes that drive organizations from various sectors to achieve their goals. In addition, Mazars has certified professionals for the development and implementation of RPA using Agility platform, through its alliance with MV Group for the distribution of the solution in the Mexican market, both for consulting services and for licensing.

For more information about how we can help, please contact our RPA specialized team.

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Description of RPA services

- Proof of concept (POC)
- Selection of RPA Platform
- Opportunity assessment
- Full scale implementation

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