Consulting for Technology-based GRC Solutions (SAP / ORACLE)

Mazars provides implementation and initiation services for technology-based solutions that help to optimize risks and controls within your organization, managing roles and responsibilities with proper separation of functions and administration of your processes with a risk-based focus.

Main challenges for processes of implementation of technology-based GRC solutions

Organizations are careful to manage internal controls, understand risks, and administrate the separation of functions within ERP, SAP, and ORACLE systems. They therefore seek to implement technology-based solutions such as SAP and ORACLE GRC quickly and with a reasonably rapid return on their investment.

Additionally, they face regulations issued by local and international regulatory bodies (e.g. CNBV, BMV, SEC, CNMV), which primarily consist of mechanisms that allow the organization to demonstrate proper administration of internal controls and risk management with respect to financial information (Internal Control over Financial Reporting – ICFR). It is crucial to demonstrate proper administration of access controls, separation of functions, and automated controls to regulatory authorities.

Mazars offers solutions for implementation of SAP and ORACLE GRC tools

  • Implementation of SAP GRC Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management, Audit Management
  • Implementation of ORACLE GRC
  • Redesign of SAP and ORACLE roles and profiles
  • Identification of risks and subsequent incorporation into GRC tools
  • Design and implementation of controls and indicators for processes within the GRC tool

Our goal for the implementation of these types of solutions is to produce results in a short period of time (4-5 weeks), from implementation of the tool’s base functions so that your organization may begin using it, to creating an entire model of automated risk management and controls within the GRC tool.

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