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At Mazars, we combine international business and industry knowledge with unique insights into existing and emerging trends to offer our clients in the Energy industry preeminent services including, audit, financial advisory services, consulting, tax and regulatory and compliance advice. The energy sector in Mexico is at an exciting and challenging stage. We have the experience you are looking for in a business partner. If you are ready to open your way into Mexico, we can help you thrive.

In Mexico, our clients are heavily involved in the opening up of the energy sector 

We work for major corporations from the US, China, Brazil investing in extraction and production of petrochemicals and related products.

We also have experience with European and US investors in the clean energy sector are investing and looking for joint venture opportunities in areas such as solar power. 

A Company dedicated to the exploration and exploitation of oil in shallow waters

Our client is one of the leading companies involved with oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. After the Energy Reform in Mexico in 2013, the entry of private capital into exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons was approved. Our client won a tender and obtained the concession to extract oil in shallow waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

As a new business dealing with a recently created legislation, the regulatory compliance before the Hydrocarbons National Commission and the Mexican Petroleum Fund is an enormous challenge to face. The solutions have to be innovative and at the same time you must remain in constant contact with the tax authorities.  

At Mazars, we understood that there was a lot of research work needed to be done regarding the legislation, we created the reporting formats in order to comply with the authorities, and we also established mechanisms to indentify the elegible and recoverable costs under the Hydrocarbon Law. 

As a result, our client successfully began operations and is fully supported in order to comply with its obligations, a crucial matter to be sustainable, in an environment in which if you do not comply with all processes required by law, you risk losing the concession. 

Renewable energy

Supporting the development of Swisspower Renewables 
Swisspower Renewables is a cooperation created between several  Swiss industrial groups. Its objective is to set up a portfolio with an annual capacity of approximately 700 million kWh stemming from renewable energies in five years . Mazars has supported Swisspower in identifying and approaching potential targets in Europe, as well as in the complex analysis of various projects. We brought Swisspower Renewables the know-how of our experts in Corporate Finance, modelling and due diligence.

Statutory auditor of Solaria Energia 
Founded in 2002, Solaria Energia y Medio Ambiente is the only solar company listed on the Spanish stock exchange. It manufactures photovoltaic modules and cells in its two production facilities located in Spain, with a production capacity of 250 MW. Solaria is made up of 44 subsidiaries which are present in Germany, France, Italy, Latin America and Spain.

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing  for a leading producer of renewable energy
Due to a significant increase in activity, Mazars has been mandated by a major producer of renewable energy to provide Finance and Accounting services for a large number of subsidiaries (Accounting , Tax Compliance, Quarterly Financial Reports – French Gaap and IFRS, Establishment of Consolidation Reporting Package, Financial Statements) while also improving processes  and procedures, optimizing financial reporting and improving financial closing processes.


Statutory auditor of Areva
Areva, which is mainly known for nuclear power, is a French public multinational industrial conglomerate created in 2001. Areva also has interests in other energy projects.  Mazars was the Statutory Auditor of the holding CEAI from 1989 and has been appointed for Areva Group since its establishment in 2001. 

Statutory auditor of Alstom
Operating in more than 100 countries, Alstom is a global leader which holds interests in power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure and sets the standard for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Mazars  has been the statutory auditor of this group since 2009.

Securing supplies for one of the world’s leading electric utilities companies
The primary objective of our client was to reduce its supplier’s payment delay without significantly impacting  their Working Capital Requirement (WCR). Therefore, our client was looking for a partner capable of building a financial system that would secure its supplies but that would also generate financial and operational profits. The Mazars expertise was approached to create and implement an innovative and collaborative Reverse Factoring system.

Oil & Gas

Anti-trust assignment for Eni group
Eni is an oil & gas group operating in 79 countries. Following a decision by the European Commission, Eni  was required  to appoint  an independent monitoring trustee to supervise the fulfillment of its divestment commitments in relation to the three natural gas transmission pipelines in Europe. Mazars acted as the EC’s Monitoring Trustee in order to supervise the disposal process and preserve the market value of the Divestment Businesses. The ability to effectively coordinate the disposal process with the requirements of the Anti-trust Authorities demonstrated Mazars’ leadership in accomplishing Anti-trust assignments.

Statutory auditor of CGG group
CGG is a French-based geophysical services company, primarily involved in oil exploration. Mazars has been the statutory auditor of the group since 2003. Our teams are involved in the Equipment Division and all related entities. Our involvement covers the UK, Switzerland, Netherlands and as of 2013, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

Oil cost audit assignment for the Government of the Republic of Niger 
In 2011, the Republic of Niger became  an official  oil producer with the opening of the country's first refinery in Zinder. Mazars has been appointed independent auditor by the Government of the Republic of Niger to perform a cost oil audit assignment in order to verify compliance with production sharing agreements defined in accordance with a private operator. Mazars was also mandated to assess and perform IT system and procedures control.

Accounting assistance for one of the six “supermajor" oil companies in the world
For almost 2 years, Mazars assisted one of the major multinational integrated oil and gas companies in producting information for the management team. Most notably, we assisted in establishing monthly financial reporting, executing the annual budget and long-term action planning.  Additionally, we helped them in developing internal procedures. Mazars also provided due diligence services for the Group in Europe and South America.


Assistance regarding a divestiture of a plant for a multinational mining company
Mazars has been mandated by a multinational mining company to assist in developing an exit strategy from a production site. This highly sensitive assignment (for political reasons) started with Valuation and VDD work, prior to moving onto Tax and Outsourcing services and further valuation work. A deep analysis on the structure and seasonality of the Working Capital Requirement (WCR) was conducted  to determine  the amount of cash needed to ensure future financing requirements. 

ICC Arbitration - Iron Ore Mining
Mazars was appointed to provide advice to an African government following a dispute with a South African mining company. This was the result of the termination of a concession agreement regarding a 'greenfield' project. Mazars conducted a critical review of the financial model as well as a calculation of cash flow available to investors after payment of all expenses, taxes and debt services.

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