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The Energy Reform in Mexico is setting the scene for several investment opportunities. This Reform modified and created new Laws that open the market for private investors in the sector, which was previously operated exclusively by federal public entities.

The main Laws that were modified or created by this reform are: 

  • Regulatory Law of Constitutional Article 27 in the Petroleum Sector
  • Mexican Petroleum Law
  • Regulatory Energy Commission Law
  • Law on the Use of Renewable Energy and the Financing of the Energetic Transition
  • Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration (LOAPF)
  • National Hydrocarbons Commission Law
  • Sustainable Use of Energy Law

These modifications will reassure private investors on their ventures, so investment of billions of dollars from private, foreign and local companies is expected in the short term. 

The new investments on the energy sector, will surely have a clearer view, it will have tax benefits and as a result revenues. Oil & gas, electricity and other sources of energy have a tremendous opportunity in Mexico. 

Our Firm is a business partner who can accompany you if you decide to invest in the sector. Our wide experience in providing quality services will give you the confidence to start your investment in our country. 

Our resources at your disposal: How can we help?

Financial Advisory Services

  • M&A, investment due diligence
  • Transactional services
  • Corporate finance / mergers and acquisitions
  • Business valuation, financial projections, analysis of deterioration.
  • Valuation of financial instruments
  • Investments proyects
  • Financial restructuring

Audit & Assurance

  • Audit of financial statements for regulatory, statutory and tax purposes
  • Audit under IFRS or US GAAP
  • Other assurance assignments (limited and special reviews)
  • Compliance review of contractual obligations, special arrangements with authorities, regulatory obligations, etc.
  • Purchase Audit
  • Forensic Audit (fraud investigations, support as an expert in legal matters)


  • Risk Management
  • Organizational efficiency and process management
  • Information Systems Services
  • Business, financial and budget strategies
  • Internal Control
  • Internal Audit


  • Advisory and tax planning for local and international taxes; direct and indirect
  • Compliance and review of tax obligations
  • Tax disputes
  • Tax Due diligence
  • Tax aspects of mergers, acquisitions and restructurings
  • Employment tax services
  • Transfer Pricing

Accounting & Outsourcing

  • Support with the establishment of subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • Registration of Mexican companies with regulatory authorities
  • Business Process Outsourcing: accounting, payroll, electronic invoicing, treasury, and other back office services
  • Diagnosis and accounting oversight
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax and accounting regularization
  • Application of accounting rules issued by the Regulator; IFRS; US GAAP
  • Compliance with specific energy sector regulations

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