Other Audit activities

We provide other audit services such as, Attestation Services, Reviews and Related Services, Financial Performance and Evaluations, among others.

Our audit practice is ready to assist you on specific transactions and special audit engagements, including the following audit services:

  • Attestation services (CONACYT, authorized by Ministry of Public Administration) and contract performance.
  • IFRS
  • Examination and review of pro forma financial reporting.
  • Examination of internal control with respect to the preparation of financial information.
  • Audit of specific performance.
  • Audit of financial forecasts.
  • Opinions on internal control.
  • Preparation and review of financial statements.
  • Limited review.
  • Accounting diagnostic.
  • Special services (receivables review, physical inventory and valuation, and determination of cost of sales, among others).
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, contract clauses, agreed upon procedures, etc.