Mazars in Mexico strengthens its management structure with six new leaders

Mazars, the international audit, tax and consulting firm, appoints two new Partners and four Directors in Mexico.

January 2023. Mazars has appointed Lilian Vega as Audit & assurance partner and Humberto Rojas as Lead partner of Financial advisory. In addition, it appointed Sandra Ochoa, Enrique Austria, Pascual Chavez and Oswaldo Bañales as Directors.

Lilian, Sandra, Enrique, Pascual and Oswaldo, were promoted after developing their professional career in the firm. Humberto joined Mazars in 2022, in response to the firm's significant growth in financial advisory services.

Montserrat Suarez, Talent management Director, commented: “Witnessing the development of our people is one of the greatest satisfactions we have as a firm. Knowing that, every day, they make the decision to be part of Mazars and give the best of themselves in professional terms, gives purpose to the work we perform in Talent management.”

Raúl Montemayor, Managing Partner at Mazars in Mexico, added: “Beholding the professional development of our people is one of the things we enjoy the most at Mazars. I invite you to reflect on what you have achieved and the path you have in front of you, because there is a long way ahead, where new challenges await you. This is Mazars, a community of united professionals with common goals and a strong conviction to help build a fairer and more prosperous world.”

The new Partners are:

Lilian Vega, Audit & assurance partner

Lilian began her career at Mazars as an audit supervisor in 2015. Throughout these years, she has developed with great success as a specialist in financial and operational auditing, working with local and international clients from different sectors.

As a partner, Lilian seeks to continue promoting quality in the audit practice, to continue inspiring trust in our clients and to generate initiatives that contribute to the development of Mazars’ talent and the firm globally.

I am thrilled to receive this appointment, a dream that I have been able to accomplish through perseverance and dedication. I know that this position won’t be an easy challenge and there will certainly be a lot to do in the coming years, but it is an honour for me to have the opportunity to work alongside the Mazars' leadership team and to know that I have the support and confidence of a great team of professionals.

Lilian Vega Audit and assurance Partner

Lilian also seeks to support Mazars’ commitment to promoting gender equality and to help create the conditions for more of the firm’s female employees in Mexico to occupy leadership positions at management levels.

Humberto Rojas, Lead partner of Financial advisory

Humberto has an important track record in addressing the financial challenges faced by organizations. Before joining Mazars, he developed his professional career in global accounting and consulting firms in Mexico, the United States and Latin America, working with large international and local clients.

I am very happy to be joining Mazars. My goal will be to play a key role in the leadership and continued growth of our financial advisory capabilities and our team, and to provide confidence to our clients as they navigate a complex environment and to help them achieve success in their transactions.

Humberto Rojas Financial advisory Lead Partner

Humberto's leadership will be instrumental in driving financial advisory services with our clients.


The new directors are: 

Sandra Ochoa, Tax director

Sandra began her career at Mazars in 2016, successfully developing her expertise in tax and foreign trade, working with large domestic and international clients, giving the firm a major boost in these two areas.

I come to this position with the responsibility of continuing to collaborate in the construction of our firm, where professionalism and willingness to serve shall be the main characteristics.

Sandra Ochoa Tax Director

Sandra will be a key asset in the development of the tax area and in the strengthening of international ties with our clients.

Enrique Austria, Outsourcing Director

Enrique joined Mazars in 2019 as manager of the Accounting and outsourcing services department. Since then, he has been a fundamental pillar in the development of this area in Mexico, in addition to promoting, through nearshoring, accounting services for Mazars’ clients in the United States, thus delivering high quality services to our clients, as a single international firm, wherever they are based.

I have no doubt that recognition comes naturally, when you combine hard work and the right workplace. Now I assume the direction of Outsourcing services with great pleasure and a lot of responsibility, so that the service line, our people and, of course, our clients, may continue to grow.

Enrique Austria Outsourcing Director

Enrique leads the Accounting and outsourcing services department to innovate, propose and manage new projects that positively and internationally expose the firm.


Pascual Chavez, Tax director

Pascual joined Mazars in 2019 as Tax Manager, working with large international groups and local clients. Since joining the firm, he has contributed with resolution, commitment and dedication, to achieve the development and growth of this department in Mexico.

I am really pleased to become Director, because it represents the result of the daily effort and passion that I put into my daily activities. This is without question a great opportunity to continue contributing to the growth of the firm.

Pascual Chavez Tax Director

Pascual will continue to reinforce the technical quality of the Tax services to generate solid ties with our clients and teams.

Oswaldo Bañales, Transfer pricing Director 

Oswaldo chose Mazars in 2012, joining as a junior Transfer pricing consultant. During these years, he has contributed his experience working with national and international clients in different sectors. With his agile perspective, Oswaldo seeks to implement and define strategies that continue to develop the Transfer Pricing services in Mexico.

It is a personal and professional pride to assume this position. I know there will be challenges along the way, but there will also be learning, and I will put all my dedication, effort and commitment into this new responsibility as a Director.

Oswaldo Bañales Transfer pricing Director

Oswaldo is an important pillar in the development of strategies that generate value for the Transfer Pricing service line.


With these new appointments, Mazars in Mexico confirms its commitment to the development of its talent, allowing them to achieve the goals and challenges they set out to conquer in their professional career, while affirming their goal of working as a single team to provide exceptional and tailor-made services to our clients.