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On July 9, 2020 DECISION ACDO.AS2.HCT.240620/170.P.DIR, passed by the Technical Board in its meeting held on June 24, 2020 and its Single Appendix, was published in the Federal Official Gazette, by means of which the General Guidelines for the Use of the IMSS Inbox were approved. This Decision came into effect on August 3, 2020.

The aforementioned General Guidelines have the purpose of governing the actions of private parties and the electronic notification, by means of this electronic system, of administrative acts or resolutions passed by the Institute in digital documents that are signed by means of the electronic signature (e-signature) of the competent civil servant.

On the other hand, communiques 537 and 566 issued by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in the month of August this year, notified, respectively: the start of operation of the tool as a measure aimed at modernization, the perspective of simplification in terms of the administrative burden, and the improvement in communications between the involved parties, consequently promoting both social distancing measures and the reduction in contact between process servers and employers, given the existing health contingency. Additionally, it is argued that this will allow the nationwide homologation of the inherent management and actions of the administrative operations bodies.

The IMSS Inbox, in general terms, is a new electronic platform by means of which the Mexican Social Security Institute may serve the notification of any administrative act, requirement or resolution that it issues in digital documents. Through these, private parties may file petitions, requests, applications, notices or fulfill their obligations and the requirements made by the authority, all digitally. Furthermore, inquiries can be made about their tax and administrative status with the Institute. It is aimed at both natural and legal persons who have their respective Employer Registration Numbers.

In this first stage, only employers may receive information from the Institute; at a later date, private parties may contact it and send documents through the Inbox.

Is use of this new platform mandatory?

The use of this new platform is optional, based on the legal grounds established in the Social Security Act.

What services are available on the platform?

The following Services are available on this platform related to Social Security:

  1. Inquiries and downloads of the Proposed Calculations of IMSS Quotas, Contributions and Amortizations, with the following documents:

a) OCR scan line (form SPR-05) for each Employer Registration Number.

b) List of workers for each Employer Registration Number for loading into the Single Self-Calculation System (SUA)

c) List of movements of workers for each Employer Registration Number for loading in the SUA.

  1. Communiques of interest for the fulfillment of obligations.
  2. Schedule of events and fulfillment of obligations.
  3. Consultation and downloading of regulations.
  4. Electronic notification of acts issued in digital documents.

The services and procedures that become available will be notified by the same means.

Important points

The following and a few of the most important points:

  • The Inbox will be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Transparency in the service of electronic notifications.
  • From an Institutional website, certainty regarding the security and accessibility of the information, which may be validated.
  • A digital document repository will exist for employer affairs and formalities in general.
  • Electronic notifications, with prior notice to the means of contact such as emails and mobile numbers.
  • The information is displayed according to the Federal Taxpayers’ Registration Number (RFC) of the employer, which contains the information about the Employer Registration Numbers associated with that RFC.
  • It is important to validate the technical specifications for the correct operation of the tool.

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