inControl: Global Compliance Made Easy

Are you a Finance Director or Financial controller running a multi-national business? Do you face the challenge of differing local compliance rules in all the jurisdictions you work in? Are you dependent on remote teams?
If this sounds like you, then Mazars has the solution…


Compliance made easy: Mazars' global Accounting & Outsourcing services

Using our experience of working with international clients, we have created inControl, an online portal which gives you complete oversight of all your compliance activities.  inControl allows you to see at a glance what’s happening locally and when action needs to be taken. With a simple dashboard of real-time information you can demonstrate that you are in control of all compliance activities in every location.

Why use inControl?

  • Greater transparency - insight into the status of each compliance process wherever you do business,
  • Customisable workflows - allowing you to structure your portal to reflect your own internal organisation and processes,
  • Increased efficiency - workflows are clearly identified and managed within the portal, reducing routine communication and e-mail traffic,
  • Performance monitoring - a clear and simple dashboard format allows you to track the progress of activities against KPIs,
  • Reduced risk - business-specific ‘risk points’ can be set, enabling you to see immediately if intervention is required,
  • Accessibility - inControl is internet-based, so it can be accessed anywhere,
  • Real-time information - up-to-the-minute reporting can replace traditional weekly or monthly reporting to demonstrate deadlines are being met,
  • Central document storage - enables easy retrieval and version control.

Furthermore, no capital expenditure is required to use the portal and it can be set up and running in minutes by Mazars’ Outsourcing teams, without reliance on technical IT input.