Services for companies at the forefront of technological change

Rapidly evolving technology, changes in customer behaviour, strong competition and regulatory oversight are major factors affecting telecommunications companies. To stand out from the crowd, companies need to be agile and resilient, as well as innovative. Our audit, advisory and tax experts can help you respond to this rapidly changing market.

Our approach

In the telecoms industry, companies face a combination of regulatory, economic, competitive and political pressures as they strive to meet customer demands. As the need for capacity and connectivity grows exponentially, they must innovate at the use level, terminal level, network level and market level. The deployment of 5G, data security, competition from non-telecoms providers, reduced network investments and sustainability imperatives are just a few examples of the biggest challenges that the sector faces today. 

Our specialists can help you face these challenges head-on with a multi-disciplinary approach covering audit, advisory and tax solutions. Each of our specialists combines a deep knowledge of your heavily regulated industry with innovative approaches to help you define your strategy and respond to a transforming market, with the required specific skills and credibility in all the markets we serve. 

We can help you in several ways, such as: 

Adapting your business model 

Sustained success in the telecoms industry means adapting business models in response to competitive and economic pressures, as well as evolving technology. We can support your transformation and help you advance your business strategy and governance of your information systems and processes.  

Limit and control your risks - Ensuring data security 

As the volume of data generated by users rises, operators need to focus on the protection and confidentiality of the information collected. Our cybersecurity team can help you strengthen the governance and security policies that apply to your information system. When it comes to improve risk management, our global and multidisciplinary teams in internal controls can help mitigate your risks and design an internal control program tailored to fast evolving risks. 

International expansion 

Business models are more global in outlook, as companies are becoming digitised and the world more connected. We have a multidisciplinary team of specialists who can help you define an internationalisation strategy, manage taxes, and support in the transitions of accounting principles.