Hospitality & leisure

Tailored solutions for a customer-focused business

The hospitality and leisure sector contains a rich tapestry of companies covering restaurants, travel and tourism, gaming and sports. Operators face a challenging environment where economic conditions and consumer tastes are constantly changing due to digital disruption, globalisation and competition. Our focus is on providing you with the solutions you need for operational resilience to help you thrive.

Our approach 

Operators know all too well the challenges that exist in the hospitality and leisure sector. In order to thrive, they must navigate multiple obstacles, such as uncertain economic conditions, the ebb and flow of consumer demand, new legislation and technological change. On top of this, geopolitical events and pandemics pose significant risks that can have damaging consequences.

At Mazars, our specialists understand the issues that face this sector today. Our experts have extensive experience and will work with you to help you quickly respond to the developments and demands of a highly competitive and dynamic industry. 

We work with a wide range of clients small and large, including: 

  • Restaurants bars and food services companies
  • Hotels 
  • Travel agencies 
  • Sports clubs and associations 
  • Leisure parks and gaming   

Our team can provide you with the solutions you need to meet your long-term objectives. Each specialist takes pride in offering advice and guidance that not only helps you manage your organisation successfully, but also enables you to provide a high-quality customer experience. We adopt a pragmatic approach that ensures what we do is the right fit for your needs, whether it is to define your development strategy, find and secure investment, optimise your operations or restructure your business.