Foreign trade

The structural reforms passed in Mexico with the aim of improving fiscal performance with responsible and reliable practices, have converted it into one of the countries with greatest regulation and surveillance regarding foreign trade. At Mazars we have a multidisciplinary team in the field of foreign trade and taxes, who can help you to have the peace of mind that you are properly complying with the many requirements made by the authorities.

The start of operations of the National Customs Agency, as well as the monitoring and assurance of due compliance with customs rules and regulations, by means of audits, are just a couple of the changes that represent new challenges in the area of foreign trade in Mexico.

Companies must be prepared to face the challenges inherent to the obligations contained in the 2022 General Rules on Foreign Trade, such as the Bill of Lading, statement of electronic value, updating of fines, suspension from lists, inconsistencies in the tax residence, to mention but a few.

Our approach

We are a multidisciplinary team specialized in foreign trade and taxes, with experience in the supply chain of different sectors of manufacturing industry, such as the car industry, electrical components, aerospace, etc.

In a preventive stage, we concentrate on establishing a culture of practical improvements regarding customs matters, focusing on the prevention and management of risks.

If your organization is in a stage of verification, we focus on solving disputes with the authorities, at all times protecting the rights of the company.

Our services

Foreign Trade Compliance

  • Detection of contingencies in historical operations
  • Risk Prevention in current operations
  • Security Matrix Request
  • Monthly Analysis of the Data Stage
  • Integration of Foreign Trade Files
  • Foreign Trade Files

Preventive Audits

  • Correct Application of Incoterms
  • Tracking of Virtual Customs Declarations
  • Payment of Insurance and Incrementables
  • Importation & Exportation Identifiers
  • Added Value
  • Valuation Method
  • Reconstruction of Electronic Files
  • Control of Fixed Assets

Foreign Trade Audits

  • Domiciliary Visits
  • Inspections
  • PAMA
  • PACO

Development Programs

  • Certification of VAT Special Tax on Production and Services
  • OEA
  • Sectorial Lists

Supplement – Companies with Programs

  • Inventories Control System – Annex 24
  • Credit Accounts and Guarantees Control System (Annex 31)
  • Collation between operations and data stage


Foreign Trade