Reporting and assurance

Building trust and demonstrating integrity

Sustainability/ESG reporting1 has become increasingly important for companies aiming to demonstrate their commitment, actions and goals linked to corporate responsibility. It is turning into a crucial element of brand credibility and reputation.

Sustainability/ESG reporting is no longer a luxury. It is a material aspect born out of stakeholders’ expectations, organizational strategic goals, and expanding regulations. Start your sustainability journey with a readiness assessment.

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  • Organizations increasingly need to show their ESG credentials in integrated reports, whether voluntarily or due to regulations.
  • A company that approaches ESG holistically can better achieve its corporate responsibility objections while reporting on both its impact on sustainability and how sustainability factors impact its financial performance (Double Materiality).
  • Reporting could mark the beginning, middle or end of your ESG path, being a recurrent exercise in the continuous process that is the Sustainability Journey, which often starts with a readiness assessment and advances to assurance
  • The current structure of sustainability reports varies depending on the standards/frameworks used and/or each company’s preference structure. Companies that score well on key sustainability metrics are more likely to outperform their peers in profitability.

How Mazars helps

  • Identify and prioritize the sustainability topics on which you should be reporting, including stakeholders’ expectations and regulations or voluntary ESG standards/frameworks
  • Build an effective reporting framework that integrates your material ESG topics into your wider strategy
  • Prepare for assurance by conducting a readiness assessment
  • Give management and those responsible for governance confidence over the quality of the ESG data and help measuring progress toward set objectives
  • Enhance the credibility of your disclosures on sustainability-related activities

Our approach

Mazars has a been assisting organizations of all sizes with their sustainability reporting in the U.S., across Europe and around the world.

In Europe, which leads the world in sustainability reporting regulations, Mazars has been central to the development and evolution of sustainability regulations and reporting requirements. We have been active contributors to the game-changing EU regulation on sustainability reporting: the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Leveraging our knowledge of global sustainability standards and frameworks we provide ESG readiness assessments to help you commence with:


Mazars aligns its sustainability reporting methods with those of clients, identifying ways for organizations to enhance excellence in non-financial reporting.


We first help you demonstrate that your business is responsible and forward looking through non-financial reporting. Then, we provide assurance to enhance your stakeholders’ confidence in your reporting.

1. Used interchangeably to describe non-financial reporting. ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance.